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Personalized Stuffed Pig - 11 inch Plush Percy Pig

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Personalized Stuffed Animal: 11 inch Percy Pig by Aurora Plush

With an oink-oink here and an oink-oink there, what could be sweeter than adding this adorable personalized plush “Percy” pig to your stuffed animal collection? Aurora Plush has outdone themselves with this little stuffed pig from their Sweet and Softer collection. 11” Stuffed “Percy” Pig has an irresistibly adorable face with a dark patch over one eye, and another dark splotch on his ear. Percy has a sweet snout and a short, kinky tail to add to his quirky personality. And oh so soft! If you searched barnyards all over the world, you wouldn’t find a softer stuffed pig than Percy.

Your cuddly stuffed pig will arrive wearing a T shirt personalized with your message and/or photo, logo, or graphic. Personalization on the front side of your stuffed animal's shirt is free. Add printing on the back or upgrade to a shirt with colored sleeves for a small additional fee. You can upload your photo on the order form above, or Choose from our selection of graphics, then return to this page to place your order for your personalized stuffed animal.

Need some ideas for what to put on your personalized stuffed pig? Here are a few ideas for pig themed sayings:

  • Pig out and enjoy your birthday!
  • I’m high on the hog just looking at you!
  • You make me as happy as a pig in muck .
  • Don’t be so pig-headed – Hurry up and Get Well!
  • Hogwash – Everyone knows you’re the world’s Best Boss!
  • Go the whole hog and marry me!

Other things you can do with a personalized stuffed pig include:

  • “This little piggy went to market….” Babies love the famous nursery rhyme pointing out each sweet little toe. Wrap up an adorable stuffed pig, include a printed copy of this favorite nursery rhyme and voila – you have the perfect (and easy) baby gift – a personalized plush pig of course!
  • Wish someone a Happy Birthday!
  • Celebrate Chinese New Year – Year of the Pig!
  • Go whole hog and plan a child’s birthday party at a petting zoo. After the outing to the petting zoo, bring the kids home to a table decorated with the star of the show, “Percy Pig” of course, sitting fat and adorable in the center of the party table. Pass out cupcakes topped with rubber pigs or put little toy piglets in party favor bags.
  • Deck your pig out all in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness events.
  • Share an inside joke with a friend.
  • A pig with a funny saying is a perfect way to bring a smile to the face of someone who has been sick or is in the hospital.

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