This page features some examples to give you an idea of how we can lay out your shirt with different combinations of text, photos, or graphics. We set each order up by hand,  and every shirt design is slightly different depending on exactly what you want on it.  Don't worry, just enter your info on the order page and leave it to the professionals...we will set it up to look great!  If you have very specific requirements for how you want your shirt laid out, simply enter your instructions in the special instructions field on the order page and we will do our best to make it happen. 

Please Note: The colored sleeved shirts shown below are available on many of our animals, but some animals are too fat or too small to fit in them!  If there is no dropdown menu to choose a shirt color on an animal, it means that particular animal is only available with a white shirt.


Images: If you are including an image such as a photo or logo on your shirt, please send a large, clear image for best results. Horizontal or square photos work better than tall vertical photos. We will crop the image if necessary.

Please note, we cannot print copyright logos such as college or pro sports teams, companies, etc. unless it is for your own company or a team that you work with and have permission to use the logo.  Please do not just send images copied from the web as they are usually not suitable resolution for printing and may have copyright restrictions. We offer a selection of graphics you can choose from here on our site, or you can find a lot of good public domain images on sites such as

Artists/Designers: If you are a designer or graphic artist and want to do your own layout for your teddy bear shirt, the printable area on the shirt is 3.5" wide x 3" high on both the front and the back. Exceptions to this are "Plumpee" animals and 16" Bonny Bears (printable area 4.5" w x 3" high, available with white shirts only) and a few animals that have thinner bodies and wear a smaller size (printable area 3" w x 2" high, available with white shirts only). Please don't hesitate to ask if you need to know what size works for the animal you want to order. Please submit your art at a 300 dpi resolution at that size. We can print in full color, but very light colors, particularly light shades of grey, have a tendency to almost disappear and be hard to see, so if you have light colors it's best to have a darker contrasting outline around them. White features also need an outline as otherwise those areas will just blend in with the white of the shirt. Clear images with good contrast show up the best.