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Personalized Stuffed Monkey - 12 inch Plush Chimp

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Personalized Stuffed Animal: 12” Tubbie Wubbie Chimpanze by Aurora Plush

Suddenly, the silence in our warehouse is broken as the stuffed Aurora chimps begin drumming on tables and sending out a chorus of loud grunts and barks to the other stuffed animals. They want out – out of the warehouse and into a warm, loving home! You won't regret welcoming a personalized stuffed chimp from Aurora into your home or sending a stuffed chimp to a friend or loved one. Who could resist that chimp ear to ear grin?

Your 12” stuffed cheeky chimpanzee will arrive wearing a T shirt personalized with your message and/or photo, logo, or graphic. Personalization on the front side of your chimp's shirt is free. Add printing on the back or upgrade to a shirt with colored sleeves for a small additional fee.  You can upload your photo on the order form above, or Choose from our selection of graphics, then return to this page to place your order for your personalized stuffed animal.

Everyone knows chimps are as mischievous as human kids and love swinging from branch to branch in the trees. It's true, a stuffed chimpanzee may be a little more work than you'd signed on for, but think of the rewards! A stuffed chimp is adorable and soft and ever so nice to squeeze! And oh what a cute gift – a chimp dressed up in his t shirt personalized with your special message – it doesn't get much better than that! Chimpanzees are much loved because of their human-like qualities. Our closest living relatives are 98% human! Chimp babies cling to their mother's bellies as mom travels just as human babies are tucked into a snuggie next to mom as she heads to the coffee shop for her morning coffee. That makes a personalized stuffed chimp a great shower or baby gift for a new mom, esp. if the nursery is going to be done up in a jungle theme. And what about that favorite guy in your life? You might see a few similarities – most days the male chimps behave a lot like frat boys, making a lot of noise or beating each other up – and they knuckle-walk! Your sweetheart is bound to get a kick out of receiving a stuffed chimp wearing a t shirt printed with the words “I Love You” or whatever wild, out of the jungle message you might come up with.

Chimps are an endangered species and their population is decreasingly rapidly. A recent survey shows a decrease of 90% in the last twenty years. So if you'd like to give a helping hand to our closest relatives, hold a “save the chimpanzee” fund raiser. Bring a barrel full of stuffed chimps wearing their t shirts personalized with the logo of your wildlife organization. Place your personalized stuffed chimps on the tables as centerpieces or give these plush Aurora chipanzees out as rewards to high donors. Personalized stuffed chimps are ready and eager to represent their living chimpanzee relatives in the wild.

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