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Personalized Big Brother Teddy Bear Gift Set - 13" Vera Bear

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Personalized Big Brother Teddy Bear Gift Set

Looking for a perfect gift for a proud new big brother? He will love this adorable Big Brother teddy bear! Complete Big Brother teddy bear gift set includes:

  • 13" Teddy Bear - Choose Dark brown, Honey (Light Brown), Cream, or black bear. 
  • Bear will arrive dressed in a T-shirt with blue sleeves, printed with "Big Brother" design and personalized with the Big Brother's name
  • 3" rainbow swirl lollipop proudly proclaiming his Big Brother Status!
  • Gift card personalized with your custom message
  • White gloss gift box 

When you order a personalized  teddy bear gift set we will not include the price on the packing slip. You can choose to have your stuffed animal gift shipped directly to the recipient. All orders ship out within 1-2 business days by USPS Priority mail, which typically takes about 3 business days to arrive.

Recommended Age 3+

Why order a personalized Big Brother Teddy Bear Gift Set?

The biggest worry of every parent expecting a second baby – how will it affect numero uno? No matter the age of big brother, there is bound to be some jealousy. After all, your little man has ruled supreme, feeling his place on the throne was secure when all of the sudden, out of nowhere, emerges a squalling, red-faced infant. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles gather around ooohing and aahing, “what a cute baby!” “Isn't he (or she) adorable? NOW....WAIT...JUST...ONE...MINUTE! What about me? I was here first. I can talk, catch a ball, dress myself, run on the beach, do all sorts of amazing things. What does this newcomer do but cry, eat and poop in his diaper?

What better way to sooth big brother's ruffled feathers than good old-fashioned bribery! You can't go wrong with the gift of a teddy bear wearing a personalized t-shirt with big brother's name printed on teddy's shirt for all to see. Our big brother gift box includes teddy dressed in denim jeans, a blue-sleeved t-shirt personalized with the child's name, a lollipop that says “Big Brother” and a gift card. Choose from four colors of plush teddy bears: brown, black, honey, and cream. This adorable personalized big brother teddy bear will be shipped in a black gift box featuring a cute sticker printed with a teddy bear holding a lollipop and the message “Congratulations!!!”

Imagine big brother curled up in an angry ball in a hospital chair or big brother at home forlornly watching TV while family members make a huge fuss over the newcomer. Now, imagine the smile on big brother's face when he receives his gift box and extracts his very own Big Brother personalized plush teddy bear with a colorful and yummy lollipop. He grins from ear to ear. He feels special. Hey, maybe the new kid on the block isn't so bad after all!


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