Love and Valentines Graphics for Teddy Bear Shirts

The following love and Valentine's themed graphics can be printed onto the T-shirts of any of our personalized teddy bears or stuffed animals. Make note of the DESIGN CODE shown in red above the graphic you want on your shirt and enter this into the "Design Code" field on the page for the animal you have chosen when you are filling out your other personalization information.

HRT1 Red HeartHRT2 Pink HeartVAL2 Interlocking HeartsHRT3 Red Heart outlined with blackHRT4 Pink Heart outlined with blackBEAR-LV1 Teddy bear on red heartBEAR-LV2 Teddy bear on pink heartGIR-LV Two giraffes with heartsLION-LV Lion with heartsMKY-LV Boy and girl monkeys with heartsMKY-LV2 Monkey on red heartMKY-LV3 Monkey on pink heartHIPPO-LV Boy and girl hippos with heartsMOOSE-LV  Moose with red heart on bodyFRG-LV Frog wearing crown on red heartSKN-LV Black and white skunk holding red heartELE-LV Elephant on pink heartPIG-LV  Pig on red heartCAT-LV  Tan cat on red heartCAT-LV2 Gray and white cat, pink heart on chestOWL-LV2 Red Owl with heartsOWL-LV3 Pink owl with heartsOWL-LV1 Brown and pink owls on tree branch with heartsBEAR-LV3 Boy and girl bears with hearts on picnic blanketPNDA-VALG Girl panda with heartsPNDA-VALB Boy panda with heartsBEAR-LV4 Teddy bear throwing hearts from basketBEAR-LV5 Pink teddy bear holding red and white polka dotted heartBEAR-LV6 Blue teddy bear holding single red heartBEAR-LV7 Brown teddy bear with wings shooting heart from bow and arrowROSE A single red rose with stemRING Engagement ring in boxCH-LOV  Chinese love symbolHRT-8 Red and brown flowered heartHRT-9 Pink and red heart with brown flowerHRT-6 Pink and white stripped heart with laceHRT-5 Red and white stripped heart with laceHRT-7 Red and pink polka dot heartHRT-10 Red heart with white polka dotsVAL-3 Two red hearts with faces on pink heart backgroundLUV-BUG Lady bug with heartLUV-U Dancing heart holding I love you heart signCOW-LV Two cows with heartsSNM-LV3 Boy and girl snowmen in blue and pink outfitsSNM-LV1 Snowman holding red heart, blue bird on hatSNM-LV2 Girl snowman with red heart and red bird on hatLB-LV Boy and girl ladybugs with heartsBIRDS-XMAS1 Two birds taking gift to bird house