Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall Graphics for Teddy Bear Shirts

The following Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall themed graphics can be printed onto the T-shirts of any of our personalized teddy bears or stuffed animals. Make note of the DESIGN CODE shown in red above the graphic you want on your shirt and enter this into the "Design Code" field on the page for the animal you have chosen when you are filling out your other personalization information.

BAT-1 Two black bats flying in front of yellow moonBAT-2 A single black batCAT-BL1   A black catCAT-BL2  A black cat surrounded by three pumpkinsEYE-1  An eyeball black pupil with blue irisFLWR-FALL A bouquet of orange flowersGHOST-BL  A white ghost on black backgroundGHOST-OR A white ghost on orange backgroundHSE-HNT  A haunted house with black cat ghost and yellow moonSPRD-1 A black spider in a yellow webTREE-FL  A fall tree with yellow leavesCPCK-HAL  A Halloween cupcake with orange frosting and black cherry on topPMK-1  An orange jack o lantern with smiling facePMK-5 Two pumpkins one dark orange one light orangeHRT-FALL Interlocking brown and orange heartsHAL-OWL1  Owl wearing a witches hatHAL-BR Brown teddy bear wearing a witches hat and holding a pumpkinHAL-FRG A frog wearing a witches hat sitting between two pumpkinsHAL-MKY A monkey wearing a witches hat holding a pumpkin suckerHAL-LION Lion surrounded by three pumpkinsHAL-HIPPO A hippo surrounded by three pumpkinsHAL-PND1 A panda leaning against a jack o lantern filled with candyHAL-PND2 A girl panda with pumpkins and trick or treat bagTHG-PND A panda wearing a pilgrim hat and holding a cooked turkeyTHG-BR A brown bear wearing a pilgrim hatTHG-BR2 A brown bear wearing a pilgrim hat with horn of plentyTHG-OWL  An owl wearing a pilgrim hatTHG-1  A horn of plentyTURK-1 A turkey wearing a pilgrim hatTURK-2  A turkey without hatTURK-3 A cooked turkey on a platter