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Personalized Stuffed Frog - 12 inch

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If you are only printing text on your shirt (no image), you can have up to 4 lines, 15 characters per line. We will center all text and make it as large as possible on the shirt. If you want an image on your shirt then you can have up to 2 lines of text (We will place one line above and one line below unless otherwise specified.

If you want to add an image to your shirt, you can use your own photo or logo, or choose one of ours. If you are using your own image, upload it below. Please send large, high resolution .jpg files. No copyright images please.


If you prefer to use one of our graphics on your shirt, browse designs in our GRAPHICS GALLERY. Choose one you like, make note of the DESIGN CODE shown above it in red, then return to this page and enter the design code in the field below.

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Personalized Stuffed Animal: 12 inch Frog by Unipak Plush

Ribbit, Ribbit! This adorable little stuffed frog is croaking with joy, ready to deliver the special message printed on his personalized T shirt to your family or friends. He will leap across ponds, springing from one lily pad to another, and be the hero of the day, delivering his message, ANY message – you think of it, we’ll print it (providing the text fits on a small froggie sized t shirt!)

Your cute 12 inch stuffed frog will arrive wearing a T shirt personalized with your message and/or photo, logo, or graphic. Printing on the front side of your stuffed animal's shirt is free. Add printing on the back or upgrade to a shirt with colored sleeves for a small additional fee. You can upload your photo on the order form above, or Choose from our selection of graphics, then return to this page to place your order for your personalized stuffed animal.

We can print anything you like onto your stuffed frog’s T shirt! Here are a few ideas for frog themed sayings:

  • You make me happier than a frog in a rainstorm!
  • I kissed a lot of frogs to find my prince!
  • Take a giant leap – Marry Me!
  • I must have a frog in my throat, I forgot to say Thanks.
  • You’re the biggest frog in my puddle – I love you.
  • Have a TOADally UnFROGettable Day.
  • Someone toad us Adam is turning 3!
  • Hop till you drop – come to homecoming (or prom) with me!
  • Just hopping in to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • Hip, Hop, Hurray! Jessie turns 7 today.
  • Kiss a frog, make a wish, hoping your b-day brings you a prince!
  • Welcome to your new pad!
  • Frogs rule!
  • It’s not easy being green (sorry Kermit – we couldn’t resist!)

What else can you do with a personalized stuffed frog?

  • Cover your party table with paper lily pads, or one big lily pad in the center of the table, and plop our cutie stuffed frog smack in the middle of the table for all the party guests to admire! Perfect for birthday parties or baby showers.
  • Wish someone a Happy Birthday!
  • A personalized stuffed frog makes a great prize for the kid who wins the most games at a birthday party.
  • Even a baby would smile to have a personalized stuffed frog sitting in his or her own crib. Mom and Dad will love this special gift with their precious newborn’s name and birth date printed on froggie’s T shirt.
  • Have a friend recovering from surgery, a broken bone, or just a cold, flu, or perhaps a CROAKY voice? Recoveries speed up with a gift of an adorable stuffed frog wearing a personalized t shirt with special get well wishes.

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