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Personalized Prom or Homecoming Penguin - 9 Inch Plush Penguin

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Personalized Prom or Homecoming Penguin - 9" Plush Penguin

Looking for a fun creative way to ask someone to Prom or Homecoming? Consider a stuffed penquin as the perfect way to extend your invitation. After all, this plush penguin is already dressed for the occasion in his black white and grey suit that could easily pass for a tuxedo and your personalized message printed on his little t shirt. Only a heart made of ice could say no to that! Our chubby penguins are pretty relentless when it comes time to deliver your all important message.  This penguin with an attitude measures 9" high but looks bigger because he is so chubby! OK, maybe he's a little on the plump side and sometimes forced to waddle but when he arrives wearing a white t-shirt printed with "Prom?" or "Homecoming?" and the name of the person you are inviting it would be nearly impossible for the recipient to say no. You can even choose the text color for the name.

Recommended age 3+

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